(3 3/4 x 7 In) This is an original vintage from 1960. "Adventures in Conversation - A Fascinating New Way To Win More Poise, Power, Personality" by Ethel Cotton, Conversation Studies, Chicago. The booklet is 23-pages long. Contents include:

  • Nothing  More Welcome Today Than Interesting Talk... And This is Why
  • Look In Your Heart - Be Sincere, Be Human
  • More Poise, Power and Personality . . . Through Conversation
  • Like Every Other Art, Conversation Has Rules
  • Eight Sure-Fire Topics
  • Continuous Progress From The Very First Step
  • Examples of Conversation . . . Both Bad and Good
  • A New Happier Life!
  • Outline of Adventures in the 12 Lessons
  • Turning the Deadly Dull into Talk That Sparkles
  • Talking With Strangers
  • The Gentle Little Game of Helping Others
  • How To Regain Zest After A Long Day
  • Let's Have A Good Laugh Once in Awhile
  • The Universal Friendly Feeling
  • How To Discuss Plays and Novels
  • Making Descriptions Colorful and Dynamic
  • Building Friendships at Home
  • When Time Is On The Wing
  • Long Conversations
  • Winning and Holding Fine Friendships
  • Special Features Included in Each Lesson
  • 12 Studio Talks
  • Endorsements By Leading Authorities
  • And Here's What Our Students Say
  • About Ethel Cotton
  • Enroll Now

The booklet is in VERY GOOD condition, light wear at the edges, a few minor creases and stains. 

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