(6 x 3 3/8 In) This is an original vintage The World Service Agencies of the Methodist Church card from the 1940s. The front shows a lovely woodcut of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus signed by "Schreiner". The inside contains a poem titled "Mary's Song" by Benjamin Caulfield and a poem titled, "Christmas Meditation" which was "Written in a Japanese Prison cell by Dr. T. C. Chao, of the School of Theology, Yenching University, Peking, China. Free translation from the Chinese."

Rest, little Jesu: lay 
Your head on mother's breast;
The evening shade comes gray,
The sparrows crowd the nest. 
Sleep, little Jesu, sleep;
May God my Jesu keep.
Rest, little Jesu: kind
The cattle, soft the hay;
Cold blows the distant wind, 
The morrow a darker day. 
Sleep, little Jesu, sleep;
May God my Jesu keep.
Rest, little Jesu: hush
Though bells and songs some near;
O men will mock and crush
Though God himself be here!
Sleep, little Jesu, Sleep;
May God my Jesu Keep."
Nature is conquered,
While man is not tamed;
Pride and avarice hold sway 
To make wars in the world.
While here below man worships evil,
There in heaven He prepares self-sacrifice
To give life for the conquest of sin,
To be the Word Incarnate in order to die. . . . 
Lord, have mercy on me, Thy unworthy follower,
That, imprisoned as I am,
I may imitate Thy way;
In tears falling heavily not for me
But for all who have need of Thee."

The card is unused and is in VERY GOOD condition, light wear at the edges, blunted corner tips, minor discoloration from age. 

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