(4 1/2 x 7 1/2 In) This is a SET of FOUR original vintage Japanese postcards and folder from the 1970s. They each show a woodblock print of Heian Shrine in Kyoto, Japan.

"HEIAN JINGU (Shrine) - Site: Okazaki, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan. Deities: Emperor Kammu, Emperor Kohmei. In the 15th of Enryaku era (794) the Emperor Kammu removed the site of the Capitol to Kyoto. He received congratulations of many court nobles at the Daigokuden-Hall for this blessed new capital.

The Heian Shrine was built in 1895 to commemorate the 1,100th anniversary of the founding of Kyoto and to do the honor to this great emperor Kammu. Whole buildings are about half the size of the first Imperial Palace built in 794 and had been made on the model of the old Chodoin of Heian period. In consists of the Daigokuden (great hall) in the center, two turrets named soryu and Byakko (green dragon and white tiger) which are connected by corridors to the great hall. 

On the east side of the front steps of the hall is a cherry-tree called Sakon-no-sakura and on the west side a citrus-tree called Ukon-no-tachi-bana. A railing in the front yard is called Ryubi-dan (dragon tail platform) and a holy gate in the foreground is Otenmon (the main gate). All these main buildings are the ones of the day of foundation. In the 13th year of Showa a sacred society had been formed for promoting of enshrinement of emperor Kohmei in this shrine, who laid the foundation for the Restoration of Meiji. Through great efforts of this society the improvement and renovation of this shrine were completed and on the 19th of October in the 15th year Showa this hard works gained success. 

Now the Heian Shrine is dedicated to the memory of two gods, the emperor Kammu, the founder of Heian capital and the emporer Kohmei the last emperor of it and worshipped as a safeguard of Kyoto not only by the citizens but most of the peoples throughout Japan.  The holy garden of this shrine is noted for its design. This garden, surrounding the whole structures, is divided into three parts, the East- the Middle- and the West-gardens, having a pond respectively, Byakko, Soryu and Seiho in it.

These places are located far from the madding crowds and the silence reigns all round. In the gardens are always colorful flowers to look at all through the year and well said to be the Oasis for Visitors, especially the weeping cherries in spring are noted for their beauty so that these wonderful sights are often quoted to poems or painted."

The postcards are unused and are in EXCELLENT condition, the folder has wear at the edges, minor stains and creases. 

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