Hello There, Good Morning- 1900s Antique Photograph- Edwardian Man- James Whitcomb Riley- Love Poem- RPPC- Found Photo


(5 1/2 x 3 1/2 In) This is an original antique real photo postcard from the 1900s. This postcard is an authentic love story. It shows a handsome, Mustachioed Edwardian man in a fine suit and hat, cigar hanging out the side of his mouth. It was mailed from Denver to San Francisco in 1905 with a James Whitcomb Riley poem clipped from a newspaper pinned it. Amazing that it not only withstood being mailed, but also remained intact over more than 100 years. Underneath the clipping is a hand written note, "Hello There, Good Morning". I imagine the recipient Mrs. E. H. Parr smiling at the personalness of the note, as if he were standing right there with her. She must have treasured it dearly to keep it safe through all the years. If only I could see the postcard she sent in return.

"When she comes home again! A thousand ways
I fashion to myself, the tenderness
Of my glad welcome: I shall tremble-- yes;
And touch her, as when first in old days
I touched her girlish hand, nor dared upraise
Mine eyes, such was my faint heart's sweet distress.
Then silence; and the perfume of her dress;
The room will sway a little, and a haze
Cloy eyesight-- soulsight, even- for a space:
And tears-- yes; and the ache here in the throat,
To know that I so ill deserve the place
Her arms make for me; and the sobbing note
I stay with kisses, ere the tearful face
Again is hidden in the old embrace.
- James Whitcomb RIley"

The photo is in GOOD condition, wear at the edges, blunted corner tips, a few creases and stains.

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