How To Use Observatory Set- 1950s Vintage Booklet- Magic Constellation Finder- Gilbert Scientific Toys- 50s Decor- Paper Ephemera


(5 x 6 1/2 In) This is an original vintage Gilbert Fun With Science booklet from the 1950s. It shows a smiling freckle-faced boy using a toy observatory while on the deck of a boat. The booklet is 48 pages long and illustrations throughout. There is a small Sky Searcher Telescope instruction manual tucked inside.


- INTRODUCTION to Star Gazing With A Gilbert Magic Constellation Finder
- CYGNUS (The Swan)
- How To Use The Magic Constellation Finder
- Finding Your Way About The Heavens
- The Motion of The Stars
- The Earth and The Celestial Sphere
- Polaris and The Big and Little Dippers
- Draco (the Dragon)
- Cassiopeia
- Cepheus
- Cygnus, Lyra and Orion
- Assembling the Star Pointer
- Setting Up and Using Star Pointer
- Latitude and Longitude
- The Star Maps
- Other Uses For Star Pointer
- Locating The Planets
- Locating Comets
- Meteors
- Solar Compass
- Telling Time
- The Sextant
- How To Use the Sextant
- Using The Artificial Horizon For Measuring Altitude
- Latitude By Noon Sight
- Books For You To Read
- For the More Serious Student

The booklet is in GOOD condition, wear at cover edges, some dents and scratches, blunted corner tips.

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