Indian Memories -Mural Paintings of Allen True - Colorado National Bank, Denver - Booklet, c. 1920s


(6 x 6 1/2 In) This is an original antique booklet from the 1920s. "Indian Memories - A Series of Mural Paintings in the COLORADO NATIONAL BANK, Denver". 24-pages long, several of which fold out. Contents include an interview with Mr. Allen True and 16 illustrations of murals.

"INDIAN MEMORIES - A Series of Mural Paintings by Mr. Allen True in the Colorado National Bank of Denver, first exhibited upon the occasion of the bank's 61st anniversary in 1923. 

The Colorado National Bank offers these murals as a contribution to the artistic progress of Denver. The series symbolizes the cycle of life as the primitive plains Indian lived it from youth to death, and is probably the most notable set of purely Indian decorations in America. The pictures represent nearly two years of work by one of the country's foremost mural painters, Mr. Allen True of Denver who has made an extensive study of early Indian life and has had entire freedom in the selection and treatment of his subjects.

The bank that is now the Colorado National was founded when Denver was only four years old. The town and the bank have advanced together through 66 eventful years. These murals are partly a tribute to the past and partly an encouragement to the future. For surely much may be said and much expected of a city which, starting so humbly has so soon made itself famously beautiful."

"The Indian mural decoration has usually been depicted as surrendering to the Whites, making treaties with the Whites or fighting the Whites. Seldom if ever has he been accorded the dignity or honor of standing alone on his own intrinsic worth or beauty. These murals for the Colorado National Bank treat of the Indian only. The essay to recall the days before his contact with the White race-- days when he roamed the beautiful untouched reaches of our West in deep but unconscious sympathy with the loveliness of primeval Nature-- days when his dignity and cruelty, his joy in living, stoic endurance and primitive integrity, as well as beauty of superstition and religious belief, made the cycle of his life an epic which has never been properly sensed or understood by the White race. The method of presentation is through a series of memories of retrospective visions-- the Indian dreaming of his vanished glory. He is clothed in raiment which is perhaps colored by contact with the White trader or trapper-- yet his background-- softened by memory is of the halcyon by-gone days of clear-eyed youth, the wild tumult of the chase, or the courageous zest of battle-- or, though softer memories of the women, the peaceful joy of soothing flowered nature and the happiness of creative artistry -- long, happy days of Arcadian peace! And then the final glory of his life-- the passage to the Happy Hunting Ground, "Where 'tis always summer and the buffalo are plenty" - from an interview with Mr. True."

The booklet is in VERY GOOD condition, wear at the edges, blunted corner tips, creases at bottom right corner tips of cover. 

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