My Reflections - Analyze and Rate Yourself - National Dairy Council - Elmer Jacobs - Booklet, c. 1958


(5 1/2 x 7 1/2 In) This is an original vintage National Dairy Council Booklet from 1958. "My Reflections" is 20 pages long, illustrated by Elmer Jacobs. It basically tells a girl how to measure and rate herself as a person. 

"Susie Q - 
Let's face reality
And analyze your personality.
Is your chassis neat and trim, 
Or are you just a skinny slim?
Is your figure bulging fat. 
Or have you taken care of that? 
Can you conduct a conversation, 
Or are you fraught with consternation,
Can you handle any date. 
Or do you just sit at home and wait? 
Can you shag a neat old jitter, 
Or have you grown both sad and bitter?
What have you to offer friends
Besides a wish to make amends? 
Is your youth both sweet and blooming, 
Or have you erred on personal grooming?
In short what assets do you possess
To bolster up your comeliness?
Just look within and rate your skills
To bend yourself to others' wills.
Check first upon your sweet perfections
And master all your predilections.
Look yourself right in the eye
Make up your mind that you will try
To grow in life as best you can
Be worthy of that guy called man.
Then put me in your dresser drawer
Recheck sometime and raise your score. 
Remember this that in the summing
You are now what you are becoming."

Contents include:

  • Personal Grooming / How Do I Look? - Let's Begin Underneath - Do I Offend? - Do I make the Most of Me - Am I a Good Clothes Horse? - Brush! Do You? - Socially Acceptable? - Face Value - Smileage - Hands Up! - That Well Groomed Look
  • Poise Pointers / Undrape Your Shape - How Do I Stand? - Floating Power! - Well Stacked! - How Do They Fit? - How Do I Sit? - Which is You? - Are you a Carriage Queery? - Well Shod or Shoddy? - Horrible Habits
  • Healthy and Happy / How Am I Doing? - Pep, I Create It By Eating Wisely - My Silhouette - Fun and Excercise - Beauty Sleep - Inside and Out - Shapes Are Inherited But Figures Are Built - Glamour Takes Energy - Its the Little Things That Add Up
  • Mind, Emotions and Me / Fit or Foolish? - Am I Wise? - Hit The Books - Everything Under Control - How To Stay On Top Of The World - Meet Yourself - Prevent Illness - Teachers Are Human . . . Get Smart! - When The Going Gets Tough - Emotions Are Powerful! - When You Don't Know the Answers! - Begin to Develop A Philosophy of Life 
  • "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall"
  • Social Skills / How Do I Rate? - How Am I Doing? - Let's Be Merry - As Others See Me - Hi There! - Be Considerate - Why Be A Sideline Sitter? - Roughhousing - Lest You Offend - Good Manners Matter - At Ease
  • Social Assets / Ride Your Hobby - Let's Talk - Getting Together - What Do You Do? Hobbies Are Fun? - Is Conversation a Lost Art? - Hobbies Are Leisure Time Insurance - Sports Are Social Assets - Be A Part of Your School and Community  - Broaden Your Background
  • Let's Get Serious / Measuring Up! - Tolerance - Adaptability - Responsibility - Sense of Humor - Consideration - Courage - Be Broadminded - Be Dependable - Selfishness - Be Unaffected - Families are Fun
  • Down To Earth / Still Measuring - Can I Take It? - Standards - Gossip - Whoa Emotions! - Affection - Grin or Grouch - Criticism, Take It - Gossip - Be Calm - Religion
  • Dos and Don'ts on Dates  

The booklet is in VERY GOOD condition, wear at the edges, creases at the upper left/ back corners. 

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