(4 1/4 x 6 In) This is an original antique Raphael Tuck & Sons "Rapholith" Process booklet from the 1890s. "Oh Buy My Flowers" and "The Swallow's Song" by Edward Oxenford, Illustrated by Annie Simpson, etc. 14-pages long and full of lithographs of birds, flowers and butterflies. 

"Oh! buy my Flow'rs, my pretty Flow'rs,
So Fresh and sweet are they,
I gathered them before the hours
Of morn had passed away!
Amid the dewy woods I roam'd
Whilst you were still in bed,
Oh! buy my Flow'rs, my pretty Flow'rs
That I may earn my bread!
Oh! buy my Flow'rs, my pretty Flow'rs,
These violets are so blue,
These cowslips Fair, that scent the air,
And bright primroses too!
Although there be many blooms
That brighter hues display,
These sweeter are,--
Oh! Buy my flow'rs, My pretty Flow'rs to-day!"
"The Swallow's Song.
"Tweet! tweet! tweet!" the swallows say,
"It is time we flew away,
Far across the pathless sea,
For it winter soon will be.
The will fall the rustling leaves,
And our nests beneath the eaves
Will be very damp and chill, 
While the fogs our playgrounds fill!"
"Tweet! tweet! tweet!", the swallow's say,
"It is time we flew away!"
"Tweet! tweet! tweet!" the swallows cry,
as they circle far on high,
Gathering thickly overhead,
now that summer days have fled.
"See", they say, "the Flow'rets Fair
Now they are drooping everywhere,
And no more the scented breeze
Roves amid the leafy trees!"
"Tweet! tweet! tweet!" the swallows say, 
"It is time we flew away"
But do not your friends forget, 
They who lose you with regret, 
And to us all swiftly wing
when appear the flow'rs of spring!
"Tweet! tweet! tweet!" the swallows say,
"We will come again in May"
"To Miss Eva Hicks From Kate L. Cooper" is written on the cover page. The booklet is in VERY GOOD condition, wear at the edges, blunted corner tips, a few light stains.

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