Platybelodon- 1930s Vintage Postcard- Century of Progress Exhibition, Chicago- Pliocene Period- Prehistoric- Messmore Damon- Unused


(3 1/2 x 5 1/2 In) This is an original vintage Messmore & Damon postcard from the 1930s. It shows a "PLATYBELODON" reconstructed for Chicago's Century of Progress in 1933.

"World a Million Years Ago, Feature Attraction at 'Century of Progress', Chicago, 1933- PLATYBELODON- PLIOCENE PERIOD- This prehistoric Shovel Jawed Elephant lived in the Eastern Gobi Desert. In the year 1930, the fossilized remains of some twenty of these mastodons were uncoverd in what had been an ancient feeding place in Mongolia.

Copyright 1933, MESSMORE & DAMON, New York, originators of reconstructed life size animated, colossal, prehistoric animals with life-like motions and natural sounds. First to show them inside and out-side for exhibition purposes."

The postcard is unused and is in VERY GOOD condition, minor wear at the edges, blunted corners, a light crease at the bottom right corner.

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