(4 1/2 x 5 1/4 In) This is an original vintage Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. booklet from the 1950s. "Recipes From Many Lands - Women's International Exposition 1951" is 28-pages long. Published for General Motors Men and Women by the Employee Relations Staff - GM Information Rack Service. Recipes include:

  • Armenia: Sumpoog Letzvadz - (Spicy Stuffed Eggplant)
  • China: Lung Ha fu Yung - (Lobster Laced Omelet)
  • Czechoslovakia: Pecena Husa Se Knedliky - (Holiday Roast Goose With Dumplings)
  • Denmark: Fyldt Ribbenssteg - (Fruit Filled Spareribs)
  • Estonia: Praetud Vasikaliha Hapukoore Soustiga - (Veal Stews in Sour Cream) 
  • Finland: Lihapullia - (Finish Meat Balls in Gravy)
  • Germany: Westphalisher Frisher Obstkuchen - (Westphalian Fresh Fruit Cake)
  • Hungary: Dobos Torta - (Festive Layer Cake)
  • Ireland: Boxty-on-the-pan - Fluffy Potato Cakes
  • Israel: Falafal - (Spicy Snacks)
  • Italy: Gnocchi - (Tasty Cheese Supper Dish)
  • Japan: Tempura - (Batter Fried Shrimp)
  • Latin America: Flan Caramel - (Smooth Caramel Custard)
  • Latvia: Pirags - (Cabbage Turnovers)
  • Lithuania: Loksinu Su Aguonais - (Poppy Seed Noodle Dessert)
  • Norway: Kardemomme Kaker - (Cardamom Holiday Cookies)
  • The Philippines: Adobo - (Tender Steamed Chicken and Pork)
  • Poland: Pieczen Huzarska - (Stuffed Hussar's Pot Roast)
  • Roumania: Galuste de Branza - (Cheese Dumplings)
  • Sweden: Plattar Med Lingon - (Dainty Pancakes with Lingonberries)
  • Switzerland: Kasestangen - (Flaky Cheese Sticks)
  • Yugoslavia: Bundewa - (Savory Pumpkin Dish)
  • United States: Open Faced Apple Pie - (With a cheese pastry)
  • United States: Double Rich Pecan Pie 

The booklet is in GOOD condition, wear at the edges, a few minor stains and creases to cover. 

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