Reds Invade Panama Canal Zone- 1940s Vintage Liberty Magazine- May, 1948- News Articles- Divorce Epidemic- Advertisements- Paper Ephemera


(8 1/2 x 11 1/4 In) This is an original vintage Liberty Magazine, Inc. vintage May, 1948 issue of Liberty Magazine. The cover features a Kodachrome photo of a worried little boy wandering through a field of Daffodils taken by photographer Roy Pinney. The main article mentioned on the cover is , "Reds Invade Panama Canal Zone", By J. Parnell Thomas. The back shows an ad for Clark's Tendermint Chewing Gum, "Freshly Minted". 74-Pages long. It is thoroughly entertaining and fun to read from cover to cover, full of fiction stories, advertisements and sensational news stories. The contents include:

- "The Real Cure For Our Divorce Epidemic" . . . . Edw. J. Byng, Ph.D.
- "Reds In The Panama Canal Zone" . . . . Rep. J. Parnell Thomas as told to Stacy V. Jones
- "No Home on the Range" . . . . Sherman Baker and Bill McClure
- "The Other White House Harry" . . . . Stacy V. Jones
- "How To Grow A Lawn - Painlessly!" . . . . Edwin Diehl
- "The Best Table In Town" . . . . Beulah Karney

- "The Train" . . . . Gladys Taber
- "For A Lady's Honor" . . . . Crawford Sullivan
- "The Girl With The Green Eyes- Short Short" . . . . Henry Norton
- "High Air Man" . . . Wilbur S. Peacock
- "The Man With My Face- Part IV" . . . . Samuel W. Taylor

- "The Roaring Grand"

- "Tuesday To Bed" . . . . Francis Sill Wickware

- "Vox Pop"
- "Shananagram"
- "Washington" . . . . Drew Pearson
- "Movies" . . . . Elizabeth Wilson
- "Records" . . . . Arthur Godfrey
- "Crossword Puzzle"

The magazine is in VERY GOOD condition, wear at the edges, some damage at spine, a few light creases, light discoloration at edges.

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