(5 5/8 x 8 1/8 In) This is an original antique Dr. Kilmer & Co. booklet from 1938. "Swamp-Root Almanac - Weather Forecasts, Horoscopes & Dream Book" is 32-pages long. It advertises the benefits of Swap-Root kidney diuretic. "Compliments of Hoehle Drug Co., 801 Grand Ave., Waukesha, Wis." Contents include:

  • Almanac Calculations for 1938
  • Chronological Cycles, 1938
  • Morning and Evening Stars for 1938
  • Ember Days 1938
  • Seasons for 1938 - Eastern Standard Time
  • Church Days for 1938
  • Eclipses for 1938
  • Anatomy of Man's Body - As said to be governed by the moon
  • January - December Horoscopes - 1938
  • Modern First Aid
  • The Moon's Influence on your life
  • Important Period of Life - Middle Age
  • Don't Neglect Yourself
  • Popular Use of Swap-Root
  • Sound Advice to Sensible People
  • What is Swamp-Root?
  • Numerology - A Popular fascinating method of foretelling the future
  • Suggestions for Social conduct and good form
  • DREAMS - 1938 List - Interpretations by prominent Psychoanalysts and Psychologists
  • Character Analysis - Study Your Friends and Acquaintances
  • Proper Care of Household Pets
  • Best Times for Sowing and Planting 

The booklet is in VERY GOOD condition, light wear at the edges. 

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