The Birth And Babyhood of the Telephone- 1940s Vintage Booklet- Thomas A Watson- Historical Address- Telephone History- Paper Ephemera


(5 x 7 1/2 In) This is an original vintage American Telephone & Telegraph Company booklet from 1940. "The Birth and Babyhood Of The Telephone" by Thomas A. Watson, assistant to Alexander Graham Bell is taken from, "An address delivered before the Third Annual Convention of the Telephone Pioneers of America at Chicago, October 17, 1913". The cover shows a print of "The Birthplace of the Telephone" on the front and "109 Court Street, Boston, Where Bell Discovered the Principle of the Speaking Telephone" on the back. The booklet is 45 pages long with photos and illustrations throughout. Topics covered include:

- Biography of Thomas A. Watson
- The Birth and Babyhood of the Telephone
- Williams' Electrical Workshop
- Studies and Experiments
- Experience with Inventors
- The "Harmonic Telegraph"
- Bell's Theory of Transmitting Speech
- June 2nd, 1875
- The Telephone Born
- Realization
- The First Telephone Line
- Mr. Watson Heard The First Sentence Ever Spoken Over Telephone
- The Centennial Exposition
- Experimentation
- "Talking" From Boston to Cambridge
- A "Wireless" Telephone
- Telephone Installations
- Financial Problems
- Leasing Instruments a Farsighted Policy
- Telephone Lectures
- My Telephone Entertainers
- First Sound-Proof Booth
- "The Suposititious Mr. Watson"
- An Exhibition of Lawrence
- Waiting For Watson (a poem)
- My Last Public Appearance
- The "Gower-Bell" Telephone
- Developing a Calling Aparatus; the Watson "Buzzer"
- "Williams' Coffins"
- The Blake Transmitter
- Wire Troubles
- Memories
- The Coming of Theodore N. Vail
- The Bell System
- Turning to Other Activities
- My Greatest Pride
- Early Chronology of the Telephone
- Telephone Milestones

The booklet is in VERY GOOD condition, wear at the edges of cover, blunted corner tips, some foxing on the back.

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