This May Be Your Honey- 1920s Antique Postcards- SET of 2- Novelty Arcade Cards- Beehive Nest of Love- Fortune Telling


(3 1/2 x 5 1/2 In) This is a SET of TWO original antique Ex. Sup. Co., Chicago arcade cards from the 1920s. A pair of love life fortune telling cards, one for him and one for her, "THIS MAY BE YOUR HONEY IN YOUR BEE-HIVE NEST OF LOVE".

"My Naughty Boy: Three nights I have dreamed of you in succession. I dreamed I went back to you and you opened your arms wide and took me into them and told me how you had missed me and how foolish was our quarrel and you said "I am going to hold you so tight you never can get away from me again." And then I woke and lay there without your arms about me, and only a dead dull sickening pain. O, if I could but dream that dream every night I could live through the days quite happily. I am writing you this confession of my heart with a pen dipped in tears and I hope you will read it with a pitying eye and tell me in return it was all a foolish misunderstanding that parted us. Your Heartbroken Girl."

"My Fairest One: The day's work is done, my fairest one, and I sit alone with thoughts of you to keep me company. The best company in the world I find it. In the quietness of the night hour you seem so close to me, so very close. God was good to me, fair one, when he gave me you, for you are inspiration to me in my day's work and a great comfort to me in the evening shadows. I love you passionately and tenderly, and with a reverence that is almost holy. I am hungry for you tonight, sweet one, and where you are or what you are doing does not matter, for through the darkness you have come to me and I whisper, "I love you," and now I kiss you Good Night, Beloved. Your Adoring Boy."

The cards are both in EXCELLENT condition, light wear at the edges, blunted corner tips, a few minor stains.

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