(5 x 6 3/4 In) This is an original vintage Kotex, Kimberly Clark Corporation booklet from 1959. "Very Personally Yours" is 20-pages long and answers "all those new important questions" a young woman has as she begins to menstruate, as well as advertises Kotex Sanitary Napkins and Kotex Sanitary Belts. 

"Like most moder-minded girls, you probably accept menstruation as a normal, routine part of your life. And so you should. Yet, more likely, you wonder just what happens. . . how and why . . . what care of yourself, and what attitude you should take at this time. This booklet explains menstruation clearly . . . gives practical pointers on everyday living that every girl should know. I sincerely hope this information will be helpful to you.  Very Personally Yours, Marion Jones, Educational Director.", reads the introduction. 

  • What goes on
  • Time for a change 
  • Life Story of an Egg
  • Continuous Performance
  • Would You Believe It (Superstitions)
  • Be in the know
  • Just Use Common Sense
  • 'taint Necessarily so
  • For the Record
  • Napkin Disposal
  • S.O.S.
  • Trouble Shooters
  • Keep going in comfort
  • Objective: Perfection
  • Junior, Regular or Super-designed - Try all three
  • Choose your sanitary belt carefully
  • Caring for your Kotex Belt
  • Using Your Kotex Belt
  • Dainty is as Dainty Does
  • Curious about Tampons?
  • To Curb Cramps
  • Your Personal Calendar by Kotex  

The booklet is in EXCELLENT condition, light wear at the edges. 

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