What Salad, What Dessert- 1920s Antique Booklet- JELL-O 1928- Gelatin Recipes- Retro Cooking- Cook Book- Paper Ephemera


(4 3/4 x 6 In) This is an original antique JELL-O booklet from 1928. "TODAY . . . . What Salad . . . . What Dessert? . . . . JELL-O brings DOZENS of answers . . . . . . ." 22-pages long full of recipes and lithograph illustrations. Recipes include:

- Tropical Dessert
- Coconut Orange Jell-O
- Sparkling Jell-O
- Strawberry Whip
- Pineapple Rice Sponge
- Apple Sauce Jell-O Mold
- Pineapple Fluff
- Paradise Pudding
- Cranberry Mold
- Peach Delight
- Plain Orange Jell-O
- Jell-O Raspberry Foam
- Maple Walnut Jell-O
- Cherry Jell-O Surprise
- Jell-O Charlotte Russe
- Prune and Raisin Jell-O
- Pineapple and Raspberry Neapolitan
- Pecan Chocolate Mousse
- Cherry Sponge
- Loganberry Jell-O
- Strawberry Loaf
- Flaked Ambrosia
- Jell-O Snow
- Custard Sauce for Jell-O Snow
- Macaroon Velvet Jell-O
- Banana Cream
- Fruit Whip
- Fruit Pudding
- Raspberry Bavarian Cream

- Salad Supreme
- Shower Salad
- Jell-O Cheese Salad
- Sea Dream Salad
- Crisp Summer Salad
- Shrimp and Orange Salad
- Sunset Salad
- Molded Fruit Salad
- Beauty Salad
- Spanish Jell-O Salad
- Spinach Mold
- Cherry and Apple Salad
- Tuna Fish Salad

"NO need to wrinkle your forehead over that perpetual question, "What shall we have for dessert tonight?" For-- Here's Jell-O! . . . always ready with a new answer to your every menu question . . . a tempting new dessert, a piquant, original salad. Watch your family's eyes brighten to match Jell-O's radiant sparkle!
Jell-O is like the princess in the fairy tale: it is as good as it is beautiful. (It's so remarkably easy to digest that the children can have second portions, too.) But even the princess's fabled accomplishments are no match for Jell-O's versatility! You can serve Jell-O a hundred times, and each time have a new salad or different dessert. Families never tire of its deliciousness.
Think of the things that Jell-O gives you, for the trifle that it costs! The best gelatin that money can buy, pure white sugar, and flavors-- what flavors! They come from fresh ripe fruits-- crimson strawberries, luscious raspberries, great golden oranges, pale, tart lemons, cherries bursting with sweetness. . . . Small wonder that even plain Jell-O is so colorful and tempting , or that it possesses such a tender melting goodness.
Be sure you get Real Jell-O, though, look for the name in red on the package. For, in addition to its other good qualities, real Jell-O is always fresh. That's because millions of women are continually buying it; and because of air-tight, waxy envelope that holds Jell-O. . . . and real Jell-O is easy as can be to make-- a triumph every time."

The booklet is in VERY GOOD condition, wear at the edges, small ding in cover edge.

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