(4 1/8 x 5 1/2 In) This is an original vintage Magnum Publications, Inc., Celebrity magazine Vol. 2, No. 1, October, 1954. The cover features a pin up portrait of Peggy Conners in a striped bikini. The main articles mentioned on the cover are , "Where Love is Illegal", "World's Most Amazing Human" and "Why Ball Players Get Into Trouble". The back advertises articles, "One Day With Venus", "Smuggled Photos: Russia's Salt Mine Slaves", "Miracles of the Body", "Don't Let Ava Fool Ya!", "America's New Sin Capital". 66-Pages long. It is thoroughly entertaining and fun to read from cover to cover, full of pin-ups, advertisements and sensational news stories. Contents include:

  • Where Love Is Illegal
  • What's Coming Off Here?
  • Don't Let Ava (Gardner) Fool Ya!
  • Is Eisenhower a Korun-o-matic?
  • America's New Sin Capital (Las Vegas)
  • The World's Most Amazing Human (Pierre Mahieux)
  • Why Ball Players Get Into Trouble
  • One Day With Venus
  • Which Stars Got The Body?
  • Miracles of the Body
  • Is There a Curse on the Patino Clan?
  • Sex Without Glamour
  • Celebrity's Cover Girl
  • Russia's Salt Mine Slaves!
  • Celebrity's Picture Gallery
  • Art Carney Puts It On The Record
  • The Shah's Mighty Men
  • Letters
  • Gary Wagner's Nite-Owl (Gossip)

The magazine is in VERY GOOD condition, light general wear and stains.

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