(5 1/4 x 8 1/4 In) This is an original vintage Ambassador College Press booklet from 1968. "WHY MARRIAGE! Soon Obsolete?" by Herbert W. Armstrong, 47-pages long. "Is MARRIAGE on the way out? Is adultery still WRONG? Is the institution of the HOME, with its family life, to disappear from society? HOW, and WHEN did the institution of marriage originate? Does it, after all, serve any necessary purpose? This booklet takes an in-depth NEW LOOK at the institutions of MARRIAGE, the HOME, and FAMILY LIFE-- and reveals a startling, even shocking truth which has been altogether over-looked by science, by religion, by education, and by society!"

Contents Include:

  • Ritual of the Past?
  • WHY Marriage, After All?
  • The "Christian Authority" Questioned
  • Ever See A Calf Born?
  • Transcendently Higher?
  • Is this God Speaking?
  • Man-- Evolved, or Created?
  • Cute, But Unable to Reason
  • Universe Created By God
  • The Divine FAMILY?
  • Jesus Born God's Son!
  • Jesus Born Again!
  • What IS the Kingdom of God?
  • Begotten-- Then Born!
  • Already, Now, Sons of God!
  • Origin of Marriage
  • WHO is a Church Member?
  • To MARRY Christ!
  • Christ to Marry Again?
  • Entering the Kingdom of God
  • Children to Be Born
  • Not The Only Time of Salvation
  • Christ Coming to SAVE!
  • Christ's Marriage to Produce Children!
  • Finally-- the Stupendous TRUTH

The booklet is in GOOD condition, wear at the edges, blunted corner tips, general scuffs on cover, few minor stains.

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