(7 1/2 x 4 1/2 In) This is an original antique booklet from the 1910s. "Your Trip Thru the Larkin Factories" is 48-pages long with illustrations on almost every page. It advertises Larkin Soap Company products and a "tour" through the Larkin Factories in Buffalo, NY. Cover illustrated by artist Alexander Oscar Levy.

"This little book is your picture-and-prose Trip Thru the Larkin Factories at Buffalo. If you have made this trip in person, this is our Souvenir of your visit. If we have not yet received you here, please accept this, out hearty invitation for you to visit us."

Images Include:

  • The Larkin Administration Building, known to millions of American housewives as the "Home of the Larkin Idea"
  • Mrs. Bright sends a "Trial Order" (without money) for Larkin Products and a premium
  • The Order is delivered. Mrs. Bright reads the invitation to visit the Larkin Factories
  • Mrs. Bright Journeys to Buffalo - and is cordially received
  • Main Court of the Administration Building
  • Receiving and Sorting Mail - Dictating Letters into Phonograph - Examining and Checking Orders
  • Premium Section of Showroom - Registering the Visitors - Where Products are Displayed
  • Portion of the General Research Laboratory - Under the Microscope - Portion of Food-Testing Laboratory 
  • The Larkin Noodle Kneader - Giving Macaroni the Short Cut - Drying-Boxes
  • Filling Chocolate Pudding - Filling and Sealing Baking Powder - Packaging Spices - Grinding Spices
  • Bottling Larkin Prepared Mustard - Inspecting Raw Peanuts - Bottling Peanut Butter
  • The First Larkin Factory in 1875 - The Present Gigantic Larkin Factories
  • Filling Jars with Larkin Cold Cream - A Section of the Toilet Preparations Department - Filling Tubes with Larkin Toothpaste 
  • Storage Vault for Materials from which Perfume is made - Bottling Perfumes - Storage Tanks for Perfumes, Toilet Waters, Etc.
  • Making Larkin Vanilla Extract - Pharmacal-Tablet Machines - Battery of Bottling Machines
  • A "Crutching" machine for mixing soap thoroughly - One of 15 Huge soap kettles - Section of Cooling Room
  • Wrapping Naphtha Laundry Soap machine - Slabs of Sweet Home soap ready for drying - Stamping Sweet Home Soap
  • Boraxine cartons coming from wrapping machine - Weighing, packaging and labeling Scouring Powder - Machine stamping and wrapping Maid o' the Mist Soap
  • Toilet Soap Drying Machine - Toilet Soap Milling Machine - Toilet Soap Plotting Machine
  • Mechanical Clothing Layer - Section of Machine Room - Electrically Driven cutting machines  
  • Grinding Materials for Paints - Filling cans of white enamel - Paints leaving grinding machines
  • The start of the order - Final checking and packing - The progress of the order 
  • The Great Battery of water-tube boilers - Loading freight cars in the Larkin Terminal Building - Where the small premiums are packed with products 

The booklet is in GOOD condition, wear at the edges, creases at corners, spine beginning to separate at staples, a few minor stains.

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