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1800s 1890s 1900s 1910s 1918 1920s 1930s 1933 Chicago World's Fair 1939 1940s 1942 May Festival 1950s 1960s 19th Century 4-H Club 6-Fingered Man 8 x 10 Accidental Art Aerial View African American Aftermath Air Attack Air Force Air Service Airplane Airplane_Photo Albumen All That Jazz Ambulance American Flag American Red Cross Americana Amputee Amusement Park Anderson IN Antique Antique Booklet Antique Photo Antique Photograph Antlers Archer Archery Architecture Arlington National Cemetery Army Athletics Attack August 1918 Automobile Aviator Axeman Babies Baby Baby Carriage Bad Days Ball Balloons Bandaged Baraca Barefoot Basement Bathing Suit Bathingsuit Battle Battleship Beach Bed Bedridden Bee's Knees Beer Berthoud Pass Best Friends Bicycle Bikini Billy Goat Biplane Birch Trees Bird Birth Defects Birthday Party Blizzard Blonde Hair Boat Boating Bobbed Hair Botanic Garden Botanical Bovine Bow and Arrow Bow Tie Bowler Hat Boy Boy in Dress Boyfriend Girlfriend Boys Boys and Girls Boys in Dresses Boyscouts Bridge Bridge of Sighs Broadmoor Hotel Broken Broken Bones Broomstick Brothers Brothers and Sisters Brownsville TX Buena Park CA Bull Bullfighting Bullseye Butterfly Cabinet Photo Cadillac California Callander Callander Ontario Camp McCain Campfire Camping Canada Canoe Car Car Accident Car Crash Casino Casket Cat Cattle Cave of the Winds Cemetery Century of Progress Ceremony Chair Lift Charleston Cherub Chevrolet Chevy Fleetmaster Cheyenne Lodge Cheyenne Mt. Chicago Chicago Museum Chicago World's Fair Chicken of the Sea Chief Massasoit Ousamequin Child Children Christening Christmas Christmas Tree Chrysler Motors Cigarettes Circus City Lights City Park Civil Defense Classroom Clifford Zitch Clothing Store Cobblestone Coca-Cola Cole's Hill College Color Photo Colorado Colorado Springs CO Conservatory Construction Cooking Costume Costumes Couple Cows Coyote Creepy Creepy Cute Cross-Dressing Crowd Crutches Crying Cute Cyrus Edwin Dallin Czech Daffodils Dance Dance Partners Dancer Dancing Dead Dead Animal Dead Deer Death Glare Decoration Day Deer Deer Hunter Delivery Dennis the Menace Denver CO Department Store Digging Disaster Disney Disneyland Doctor Dog Dogs Doll Door Doppelganger Double Exposure Doughboy Dr. Samuel Eddy Drinking Drinking Fountain Driving Drop Waist Dummy Dwarf Dwarfism Dying Eagle Easter Easter Bunny Easter Photo Eating Edwardian Edwardian Baby Edwardian Boy Edwardian Childen Edwardian Couple Edwardian Dandy Edwardian Family Edwardian Fashion Edwardian Girl Edwardian Humour Edwardian Man Edwardian Men Edwardian Motorist Edwardian Nurse Edwardian Romance Edwardian Woman Edwardian Women El Estero Park Elva Enright Employees Empty Chair Engine 1089 Entomology Equator Ernie Pyle Eternal Flame Eugene R. Head Excercise Exhibit Exhibition Eye Patch Eyewitness Eyewitness History Facial Expression Fall Family Farm Farm Animals Farm Life Fashion History February 5 1939 Fence Fender Bender Ferns Field Dressing Firefighters First World War Fish Fisherman Fishing Fishing Pole Flag Flag at Iwo Jima Flag Raising Flapper Flapper Girl Flapper Girls Flash Photography Flat Caps Flood Florida Flowers Flying Football Forest Fountain Grass Fox-tone Print Frail Friends Friendship Frontier Village Frozen Fruit Funny Face Funny Snapshot Garden Garfield Park Gas Station Genoa CO Georgetown CO German German Cruiser Get Well Ghost Ghostly Girl Girls Glasses Goat Goat Cart Goggles Golf Golfing Good Morning Granby MA Grandma Granny Grant Park Grass Grave Graveyard Great War Grenada County MS Grindstone Group Photo Gruesome Guam Guess What Gun Guns Gym Uniform H. C. Kernkamp Hail Hair Bow Hairstyle History Halloween Halloween Costumes Hand Hand Tinted Hands Handsome Man Hard Hat Hat Hats Haunted Haunting Hawaii Hawk Head Health Hearse Heavy Equipment Helmet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Hiawatha High School Highland Dancers Hiking Hippo Hippopotamus Historical Historical Landmark History Holding Baby Holding Hands Hollywood Hollywood CA Home Sweet Home Horned Goat Hospital Hot Dog Hotel House Hugging Hunter Hunters Hunting Hunting Dog Hunting Party Hyalella Ice Identified Boat Identified Photo Identified_Photo Ie Shima Japan Illinois Imaginary In the Yard Inauguration Day Indian Indiana Industrial Initiation Injury Insects Interior View Italy Iwa Jima Japan Jack-o-lantern Jackrabbit Jacob Fjelde Japan John F. Kennedy Karlovy Vary Czechoslovakia Kennedy Memorial Kenosha WI Kewpie Doll Key West FL Kilt King Neptune Kitchen KMS Emden Knickers Knott's Berry Farm Kodak Kodak Velox Laboratory Ladies & Gents Lake Lake House Lake Itasca Forestry & Biological Station Lamp Landmark Landmark Building Landscape Las Vegas Laughing LGBTQ+ Libby Hill Libby Prison Lily Lily Pad Lily Pond Limnology Line Crossing Ceremony Lion Little People Little Person Living Room Locomotive Long Hair Longbow Louisville CO Luggage Lumber Industry Lyle Enright Man Man in Drag Man in Dress Man in Uniform Man's Best Friend Manila Philippines Marching Band Massachusetts Matador Medical Ephemera Medicine Medicine Ball Memorabilia Memorial Memorial Marker Men Men in Women's Clothes Men's Fashion Mexico Mexico City Michigan Microscope Mid-Century Military Military Ephemera Military Parade Military Uniform Minneapolis MN Minnehaha Minnehaha Park Minnesota Mirror Mississippi Mock-Funeral Monaco Monte Carlo Casino Monte Carlo Monaco Monterey CA Monument Monument Park Morris Gest's Midget Town Mother and Child Mother Daughter Motorcycles Mountains Mourning Mouth Museum Music Music History Musical Instrument Musician Mustache Mystery National Cemetery National Costume Native American Natural Disaster Natural History Natural Landmark Natural Sunlight Nature Photography Nautical Nautical Outfit Naval Battle Navy Nebraska Nevada New Baby New York New York World's Fair Niagara Falls Niagara Falls NY Night Night-time Nightgown Nightmare Fuel Norman Cordon Northwestern University Nurse Occupational Ocean Liner October Office Girl Ohio Oklahoma Ontario Canada Open Casket Orchestra Oregon Our Boys That Serve Out of the Ordinary Outdoors Overalls Pacific Theater Palm Trees Panama Hat Pants Parade Parade Float Paradise NV Park Park Rapids MN Party Party Hat Pasadena CA Patriotic Peace Peace on Earth Pearl Harbor Peg Leg Pennant Flag Pet Pets Pheasant Hunting Pheasants Philadelphia Orchestra Philip SD Philippines Photo Photo Bomb Photo SET Photograph Photography Picnic Picnic Blanket Pin-up Pioneer Woman Pioneers Pirate Plaid Playground Playing Dress-Up Playtime Plymouth MA Pointing Political Polydactyly Ponca City OK Porch Portrait Post Quartermaster Potato Pray For Us Pre-Mortem Presents President President Kennedy President Manuel Roxas Pretend Pretty Women Pride and Joy Processional Pumpkin Rabbit Rabbit Hunting Radio Railroad Railroad History Railway Raincoat Recruitment Service Red Cross Red Cross Wood Day Reflection Restaurant Retro Sci-fi Richmond Hotel-Park Richmond VA Rifle Risque River RMS Slavonia Road Trip Roadside Attraction Roaring Roaring 20s Rock Formations Rocky Mountains Rolled Stockings Rome Italy Roof-Top Rose Bowl Row Boat Ruins Russell Mountain S.S. Bremen Sad Face Sailor Sailors Salmon Saluting San Antonio TX Sanborn Souvenir Santa Claus School School Girl Science Scottish Sculpture Seamstress Seaweed Sepia September 1940 Severed Head Shadow Man Shadows Shevlin MN Ship Shirley's Station Shirtless Shirtwaist Dress Shockley Scenic Co. Shoes Shooting Shopping Shrine of the Sun Siblings Sick Sickly Looking Sideshow Sign Signed Silly Silver Slipper Sisters Skiing Sleep Slumber Party Smile Smoking Snapshot Snapshots Sneezing Snow Snow Plow Snowbound Soda Soldier Soldier Boy Soldiers Soldiers Monument Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument South Dakota Souvenir Spanish Moss Speed Boat Sports Springer Spaniel Square Dancing SS California SS Harvard St. Mary St. Paul MN Stadium Stage Stage Coach Stairs Statue Steamship Stoneman Hill Storm Aftermath Strandkorb Strange Street Photography Stripes Summer Swastika Swedish Sweethearts Swimming Swimming Hole Swimsuit Swimsuits Swimwear Swing Swing Dance Swinging Swiss Switzerland Tabby Cat Talent Show Tall Grass Tam O' Shanter Target Tartan Taxidermy Teacher Student Teen Girl Teenager Texas The Blizzard of 1949 The Silent Guide The Song of Hiawatha Theater Theme Park Thor Johnson Tourist Tourist Attraction Tower Toys Trail Marker Trailhead Train Train Tracks Transportation Tree Stump Trees Trick Photography Trick-or-Treat Tricycle Trio Triplets Twins Two-Headed U.S. Naval Yards Umbrella Uniform University University of Minnesota Unusual Upper Lake CA Upside-Down USS Cebu USS Charles USS Hampton Vacation Vegetable Garden Venison Vernacular Veterans Veterinary Medicine Laboratory Victorian Victorian Children Victory Victory Parade Vintage Vintage Book Vintage Photo Vintage Photograph Vintage Photos Vintage_Photograph Virginia W.A.C. War Warfare Warship Wartime Romance Water Fountain Watering Hole Watermelon Weather Weird Welcome to Well Western Will Rogers Winchester Rifle Window Winter Winter Storm Wisconsin Woman Woman in Uniform Women Women in History Woods Work Work in Progress Working Dogs Workplace World War 2 World War One World's Fair World's Wonder View Tower WW1 WW2 WWI WWI Soldier WWII WWII Pacific Zoo Zoo Animal