The Collection


 I remember the first photograph I decided to buy. Wandering around an antique store as we often did I came across a wash stand with old photographs filling its basin. The images I saw haunted and inspired me to this day. The first photograph I bought was a woman with an incredibly tiny waist. I always find myself holding my breath in sympathy as I imagine how it must have been to breath in a corset so tight. After that I searched through every stash of photos I came across. The rest of the family would have moved on and I'd still be there marveling at so many forgotten windows to the past.

My fate was sealed when after a few years of collecting I bought my first photo album. It was an empty Victorian Cabinet album with a soft blue cover and painted flowers on the front, I planned to put my growing photo collection inside. To make a long story short... the album was 'Haunted". Two photographs appeared in the album out of no where and although I never touched them myself they would be moved around inside the album, even turning up in odd places outside the album. It increased my interest tenfold and I never stopped collecting. 

What catches my eye? Disasters of any type, prisons and hospitals, interior shots without people, Postmortem and Mourning, Historical moments or places, the darkly humorous, ghostly, strange, beautiful, and those images that just have that indescribable 'familiar' feeling.