Components & Materials

Where Does It All Come From?

I've been collecting interesting found objects, ephemera and antiques since I was small and making jewelry since I was a teen. Over the many years of collecting I have accumulated many damaged items that are in too poor a condition for selling or collecting but were nonetheless too cool to be thrown away. It wasn't until I started making more art that I finally found a way to bring new life to the many unfortunately time ravaged items I've saved from becoming trash. 

I also go on frequent "Expeditions" to hunt for interesting and inspiring things. I'm constantly on the look-out. I go to estate sales, flea markets, antique stores, garage sales, thrift stores, auctions and more. Sometimes It's more like the components choose me. For me they are a direct connection to the past each with a unique history. The stories I sense in the objects and ephemera themselves inspire my art, I just have to listen.