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A Collection of Historical and Rare, Beautiful and Strange, Cherished and Forgotten Photographs, Postcards and Paper Ephemera Incidentally Preserved by Would-be Memory Makers of the Past.

Meet The Maker
Kari Bergen February 09, 2021

Meet The Maker

Hi! My name is Kari Bergen and I am the maker / collector behind Ephemera Obscura. I have a lot of new followers and since I’ve been avoiding it for more than long enough (forever) I thought I would finally introduce myself to all my IG followers. The short and sweet is that I am an intuitive assemblage artist, active dreamer and collector / seller of found vintage and antique Ephemera and oddities. I love salvaging, repurposing, altering felt and found antique and vintage ephemera and objects, weaving symbolic components into new stories, imbuing them with new life and meaning, and finding homes for unusual and historical ephemera from the past. I live in Denver with my history teaching husband @BergenHistory and two cats Josephine and Dilly. I love plants and animals, Bowie, hiking, collecting weird old stuff, history, mythology, books, everything metaphysical, ghosts, exploring the unknown, deep conversation, travel, the Victorian Era, cult & horror movies and pitch black humor. 

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