Birthdays / Greetings

1900s 1910s 1920s 1940s 1970s A. M. Davis Co. Alcohol Altered Postcard Andersons Edinburgh Ltd. Angel Antique Antique Photo Antique Photograph Antique Postcard Appointment Card Arms Crossed Art Comic Art Nouveau Artist Signed Author Automobile B. B. London Barcelona Spain Barn Swallow Basket Best Friends Best Wishes Bible Quote Big Letter Bird Birds Birds and Flowers Birthday Birthday Series Bluebell Bluebird Book Book Lover Bow Bowler Hat Bromide Bugs Burns Birthday Book Butterfly Butterfly Wings C. Preston-Wynne Cage Calendar California Poppy Carnations Carriage Chalkboard Cherub Cheub Christian Christmas Chrysanthemum Circus Clown Clowns Cobb Shinn Compliments Congratulations Cornflowers Cupid Daddy Daffodils Daisies Daisy Dancing Day of the Week Dead December December Birthday Dinna Forget Disembodied Do It Now DON"T Doves Dreaming Dreams Duo Dutch Edwardian Edwardian Baby Edwardian Beauty Edwardian Fashion Edwardian Floral Edwardian Humour Edwardian Man Edwardian Romance Edwardian Woman Edwardian Women Ella Singer Embossed Erin Fairy Fairytale Fancy Fantasy Father Faux Sepia Feliz Cumpleaños First World War Floral Flower Flower Fairy Flowers Forget Forget-Me-Nots Fortune Fountain Pen Four-Leaf Clover Frederick L Cavally Friend Friends Friendship Fruit Funke's Candy Funny Postcard Garden Gay Gem Photo Get Well Gibson Hair Gibson Line Gilded Glenn A Race Globe God Golden Good Luck Good Wishes Goodbye Grass Grasshopper Gratitude Greeting Greeting Postcard Greetings Greetings From Grief H. G. Zimmerman H.S.V. Litho. Co. Hair Bow Hand Tinted Hands Happiness Happy Returns Harebells Harp Head Health Heart Hearty Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Holly Hope to See You Hops Horoscope Horseshoe I. F. Pease If You Were Born In the Month Of Illness Illuminated Insects International Art Pub. Co. International Postal Card Co. Ireland Irish Ivy Vines J. Leslie Melville L. F. Pease La Crosse WI Lamp Language of Flowers Large Letter Lest You Forget Library Light and Dark Lilies Lily Bells Lily of the Valley Lonely Love Love Fortune Love Letter Luck lucky Mailbox Manufacturas Balmes Vives Manuscript Many Happy Returns May Medical Ephemera Medieval Memorial Memories Message Message Series Montage Month Month of March Motto Mourning Music Night O. E. Haszelman Ocean Out of the Ordinary Pansies Pansies for Thought Peach Pear Pen and Ink Photo Photograph Pierrot Clown Plaid Pledge Pocket Watch Poem Poet Poetry Poppies Poppy Flowers Portrait Postcard Postcard SET Powerlines Prayer Praying Psalms Pyrography Question Mark Quote R L Wells Real Photo Postcard Red Poppies Religious Religious Ephemera Rembrandt-Gravure Remember Me Remembrance Ribbon Robert Burns Romance Rose Roses Rotograph Co Rowhouses RPPC Rye Samson Brothers Sandford Card Co Saying Sayings Scotch Message Scotland Scottish Season's Greetings Seasonal September Shamrocks Sheaves of Wheat Sick Silver Six-Pointed Star Smile Smoking Smoking Man Snowdrop Sorry Spanish Spider Web Spiderwebs Springtime St. Patrick's Day Strange Sunshine Sunshine Series Swastika Symbolism Tartan Tetraskelion Thank You The Gibson Art Company The Pearl Birthday Book The Scofield-Pierson Co. Theochrom Theodore Eismann Thinking of You Thoughts of You Thursday Vacation Valentine Valentine & Sons Vintage Vintage Postcard Violets Wartime Romance Weather Weird White Heather Widow Wild Rose Wish Wishbone Woman Wood Burning Wooden Postcard Wooden Shoes World Write WWI Yours