MOLES - Time-Honored Predictions of a Person's Disposition and Future Lot - Arcade Card, c. 1940s


(3 1/2 x 5 1/2 In) This is an original vintage Ex. Sup. Co. arcade card from the 1940s. "MOLES - Time-Honored Predictions of a Person's Disposition and Future Lot by the Aid of Moles."

"A mole that stands on the right side of the forehead or right temple signifies that the person will arrive to sudden wealth and honor.

A mole on the right eyebrow announces speedy marriage, and that the person to whom you will be married will possess many amiable qualities and good fortune.

A mole on the outside corner of either eye denotes a person to be of a steady, sober and sedate disposition.

A mole on either cheek signifies that the person shall never rise above mediocrity in point of fortune, though, at the same time, he will never fall into real poverty.

A mole on the nose shows that the person will have good success in most of his or her undertakings.

A mole on the lip, either upper or lower, proves the person to be fond of delicate things, and much given to the pleasures of love, in which he or she will most commonly be successful.

A mole on the chin foreshows that the person will be attended with great prosperity and be highly esteemed. 

A mole on the side of the neck shows that the person will rise to great consideration by an unexpected legacy or inheritance. 

A mole on the throat denotes that the person shall become rich by marriage. 

A mole on the right breast declares the person to be exposed to a sudden reverse from comfort to distress by unavoidable accidents."

The card is in VERY GOOD condition, wear at the edges, blunted corner tips, a few minor stains, small crease at one corner.