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17 Union Square West 1800s 1870s 1880s 1886 1890s 1896 1900s 1901 1903 1910s 1917 1920s 1929 19th Century 3/4 Profile A. C. Childs Accidental Art Actors Aftermath Alcohol Alma NE American Flag Antique Antique Booklet Antique Photo Antique Photograph Antique Postcard Apples Art Aspen Trees Assassinated Automobile Ax Axeman Babies Baby Bald Bandit Bank of Colfax Barber Shop Barefoot Beach Beard Beardstown IL Beautiful Woman Beaver Falls PA Beaver PA Bedford IA Beer Belle Epoque Bertrand NE Best Friends Bible Bicycle Birds Birth Defects Birthday Birthday Party Black Eyes Black Ribbon Blonde Hair Blue Island IL Bobbed Hair Bones Book Boonton NJ Bouquet Bow Bow Tie Bowler Hat Boy Boy in Dress Boys Boys and Girls Boys in Dresses Bridal Party Bride Bride and Groom British Army Broadway NY Brooch Brothers Brothers and Sisters Brownsville PA Bryan Hall Building Bullet Bunny Butcher C. D. Mosher C. L. Harper Cabinet Card Cabinet Photo Cake Camden NJ Candle Candlelight Cane Car Carlson & Grahn Carnations Cast Iron Catholic Cats Cemetery Ceremony Charles H. Clime Charlotte MI Chattanooga TN Check Out Those Shoes Chicago Chickens Child Child in Mourning Child in Uniform Children Choker Necklace Christening Gown Chubby Cheeks Church Cigar Clark County IL Clinton IA Clinton Lock Co. Clothing Store Colfax IA Collapsed Building Colorado Columbus IN Compliments Confirmation Confirmation Girl Construction Corduroy Costume Costumes Couple Cowboys Cowboys and Indians Creepy Creepy Cute Creepy Doll Creston IA Cross-Eyed Crown Crumrin Store Crystal Ball Custom House Cute Cute Face Cyclist Cyclone Dahlias Daisies Dance Dance Partners Dancer Dancing Dandy Dandy_Man_Photo Dannebrog NE Dark Circles Under Eyes Death Decatur IL December Birthday Delaware Denver CO Department Store Dimples Dining Room Disaster District of Columbia Doctor Dodgeville WI Doll Dolls Door Drawn On Pupils Drinking Ducks Duluth MN Early Kodak East Liverpool OH Eastman Kodak Eating Edwardian Edwardian Boy Edwardian Child Edwardian Childen Edwardian Children Edwardian Dandy Edwardian Family Edwardian Fashion Edwardian Girl Edwardian Man Edwardian Men Edwardian Motorist Edwardian Nurse Edwardian Woman Edwardian Women Elam Fasnacht Elmira NY Elyria OH Empty Chair England Ephemera Obscura Ephrata PA Erie PA Esther J. Burley Evansville IN Eyes Eyewitness History F. Q. Ball Facial Hair Factory Fairytale Family Family in Mourning Farm Animals Farm Life Farmer's Wife Fashion History Fat Baby Father Father and Son Feather Feather Fan Feeding Animals Ferns Finger-less Gloves First World War Flag Flash Photography Flower Arrangement Flower Corsage Flowers Fordtran Forest Formato Gabinetto Frank Wendt Franklin PA Fraternal Fraternal Order Fredonia Station WI Free Mason Freemasonry Fremont OH Friends Frontiersman Fruit Funeral Fur Fur Coat Fur Rug Gallatin MO Galva IL Garage Garden Gas Lights Gentleman German Gertrude Bivens Ghost Ghostly Gibson Girls Gibson Hair Girl Girls Glasses Gone But Not Forgotten Grand Forks SD Grand Island NE Great War Green Orbs Greenhouse Grief Grieving Group Photo Grove Gymnastic H. E. Lovejoy Hair Bow Hair Comb Hair Jewelry Hair in Ringlets Hair-Bow Haircut Hairstyle History Half-Mourning Halloween Costumes Hamburg Germany Hand Tinted Handlebar Mustache Hands Handsome Boy Handsome Man Hat Hats Haunted Haunting Hauntingly Beautiful Haxrun CO Heart Broken Heart Locket Heaven Helmet Henry Jestram Hidden Mother High School Hiking Historical History Holgerson Holy Communion Horse Hospital Husband and Wife Identical Twins Identified Photo Identified Photographer Identified Portrait Illinois In Hoc Signo Vinces In Mourning In the Woods Indian Princess Indiana Industrial Interior View Iowa Iron Mountain MI Italian Ivy Vines J. W. Beaner Japanese Jennie B Page Jet Kail Kansas Kensington Blue Island Riverdale Key Knights Templar Kohlhoff Laborers Lace Language of Flowers Lawson MO Lily of the Valley Linneus MO Little Lord Fauntleroy Livingston IL Lock Co. Long Coat Long Hair Long Veil Love Letter Luck Lumber Industry Lutsen Burger M. M. Mudge Magnolia Man Marengo IA Marengo IL Mason Masonic Masonic Lodge Massachusetts Matthew G. Maxwell May 30 1917 McFall MO Meadville MO Meat Mechanic Medical Ephemera Meile & Reber Memento Mori Memorial Memorial Photo Memorial Portrait Memories Merry Widow Hat Michigan Military Military Ephemera Military Uniform Millinery Milwaukee WI Milwaukee Wisconsin Minnesota Missouri Modern Woodmen of America Mosher Memorial Mourning Mourning Clothes Mourning Customs Mourning Ephemera Mourning Jewelry Mt. Ayr IA Mt. Clemens MI Muscatine IA Muskegon MI Mustache National Costume National Historical Photographer to Posterity National Road Natural Disaster Nature Photography Nautical Outfit Nebraska New Jersey New York New York NY Newburgh NY Newlyweds Nightmare Fuel Nolene Davis Novelty Portrait Nuns Nurse Nursemaid Occupational Oconomowoc WI Odd Fellows Odell Illinois Officer Ohio Open Book Operation Orbs Ostrich Feather Out of the Ordinary Outdoor Portrait Painted Backdrop Palermo Italy Paper_Ephemera Parasol Pattonburg MO Paxton IL Pearl Buttons Peculiar Affliction Pen and Ink Pennsylvania Peoria IL Performer Pet Pets Philadelphia PA Photo Photo Props Photo SET Photograph Photographer F J Weber Photographer Mora Photographer Munger Photographer Parsons Photographer T A Carlson Photography Picnic Pierce Pinky Ring Playtime Poem Pointy Hats Political Polka Dots Portrait Postcard Potted Plant President President McKinley Pretty Little Girl Priest Princess Private Post Card Profile Portrait Psyche Knot Hair Quadruplets R. B. Alford Rabbit Racine WI Rail Road Photograph Car Railroad History Rain or Shine Ramsey's Galleries Ranger & Hazer Rattan Chair Reading Book Reading PA Real Photo Postcard Reedsburg WI Religious Religious Ephemera Remembrance Ring Riverdale Chicago Riverside Park Robinson & Roe Rochester NY Rock Formation Rockford IL Rosary Roses Roustabouts Ruins S. Mortensen Sad Face Sailor Boy Salem MA Sandwiches School School House Scroll Seattle WA Sepia Shaving Sherman's-South Studio Shirtwaist Shirtwaist Dress Siblings Signed Sioux City IA Sisters Skeleton Key Skunk Stripe Smoking Smoking Man Soldier Soldier Boy Spectacles Spittoon Springtime Spurr St. Louis MO St. Marys KS Stage Stairs Star Steffens Photo Store Front Storm Aftermath Strange Straw Hat Stripes Studio Portrait Stuffed Animal Suffragette Superimposed Surgeon Surgery Swedish Swing Swinging Sword Syracuse NY T. E. Frost Teen Girl Tennessee Theater Thomas B Bryan Tornado Toy Traditional Costumes Trio Triple Links Triplets Turn of the Century Turner Hall Twins U. S. Route 66 Umbrella Undivided Back Uniform Unusual Velvet Vernacular Victorian Victorian Baby Victorian Beauty Victorian Bicycle Victorian Boy Victorian Boys Victorian Bride Victorian Child Victorian Children Victorian Couple Victorian Cyclist Victorian Family Victorian Fashion Victorian Girl Victorian Girls Victorian Man Victorian Memorial Victorian Mourning Victorian Wedding Victorian Woman Victorian Women Vintage Vintage Photo Vintage Photograph W. F. Bierhaus WWI WWI Soldier Walking Stick Walrus Mustache Washington Washington DC Washington MO Watch Fob Watertown WI Wearing Glasses Weather Wedding Weird Whiskey White Hair Whitewater WI Wild West Wild West Show William McKinley William Otto Schenke Wilmington DE Winona MN Winter Wisconsin Woman Woman in Uniform Women Women in Men's Hats Wonfor Woodland Writing Writing Desk Written Letter X-ray Xenia OH