(5 1/4 x 7 1/2 In) This is an original vintage The National Research Bureau Inc. booklet from 1958. "C. I. G. Consumers Information Guide - Volume 6-58" is 26-pages long and contains recommendations for various products and services, illustrated with comics signed by, "Styles". Contents include:

  • WHAT'S NEW - Color Up Your Pet Fish - This Eyeglass Hearing Aid - New Adhesive Bandages - Keep Your Dog's Kennel.
  • HOUSE & HOUSEHOLD - Make Your Own Silver Storage Drawer - Home Hi-Fi Equipment - Small Size Water Softener - Papering Your Bedroom Walls? - Consider a Lounge Chair - Tint Your Artificial Flowers - Furniture That Serves Dual Purpose.
  • FOOD - Cartoons Showing The Head Of The House - "So Fine A Breath Will Blow It Away" - You Can Make Something More Festive - Next Time You Make Your Favorite Quick Coffeecake - Ready To Bake Banana-Nut Bread - Make A Quick Dessert Sauce - Western Style French Dressing. 
  • GARDEN - Where Flower and Vegetable Seeds Come From - Midget Cucumbers - Some Newcomers In the Flower Field - Trim Your Lawns and Hedges With Water Power - Varieties of Midget Vegetables - A Free Form Garden Pool - Discarded Window Screens - This Barbecue Lighter. 
  • KITCHEN & LAUNDRY - Does Onion Odor Cling - Discourage Moths - There Are Many Uses For Razor Blades - Swing-Down Ironing Cord Holder - Scrub Up Your Outdoor Wicker Furniture - Another Safety Tip - There are Electric Light Bulbs - Small Lace Mats - Know What's In Your Button Box - Small Drug Safe - Recipe Call For A Lot Of Egg Whites?
  • EDUCATION - Will The Proposed Bullion Dollar Federal Aid - A Suburb of Chicago, Illinois. 
  • AUTOMOBILES - Automobile Seat Cover Shops - 95 Percent of Drivers - You Probably Have a Tube - There's No Such Thing As A Standard Automobile.
  • DECORATING IDEAS - By Dorothy and Harry Brown - Decorate Doors For Coolness and Privacy - Control Light and Air - Steam Proof Curtains. 
  • CLOTHING - Handkerchief-Weight Linens and Tissue Cottons - The Rash of Prints - Periodically - Nylon Gloves - Those Who Shudder At The Word Chemise - Pleated Chiffon - Easy Lines in Casual Clothes For Summer - Research Men.
  • RECREATION - You Don't Need Deluxe Picnic Equipment - And For The Same Picnic - Jotto Is A Secret Word Game - Have You Played. 
  • TAXES - Look For The Possibility of A Larger Tax Break - Salvage Value and Depreciation - If The Proposed Profit Sharing Plan. 
  • INSURANCE - Read The Fine Print - The Question of Paying Taxes.
  • MEDICINE - Blood Clots - Salt Is Apparently Definitely Linked To High Blood Pressure - Triiodothyronine.
  • REPAIRS & REMODELING - Wood Window Frames - Quick Way to Figure Wallpaper Requirements - Tempered Hardboard - Too Much Moisture In Your Basement? - Painting Radiators - The Man Who Has A Touch-Up Paint Job - Want To Try "French Antique" Finishing.
  • SERVICES - If You Can't Account For Toll Calls - Phony Check Cashers - A New York Hotel - Red and Green Neon Lights Clustered Around Street Traffic Lights.
  • INFORMATIVE BOOKLETS - Canned Soups - Bird Migration - Poison Ivy Time - Jam And Jelly Recipes. 
  • EDITORS PAGE - By Albright Stedman.


The booklet is in VERY GOOD condition wear at the edges, blunted corner tips, minor discoloration from age, a few minor creases in front cover. 

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