A Story of Raw Silk- 1930s Vintage Booklet- Central Raw Silk Association of Japan- Japanese Silk History- Silk Book Cover- Paper Ephemera


(9 1/2 x 7 1/8 In) This is an original vintage "The Central Raw Silk Association of Japan" booklet from the 1930s. The cover is made of genuine raw silk and has flowers printed in pink, aqua and yellow-orange as the background for the title, "A STORY OF RAW SILK". A blue silk cord ties the binding together. The book is 26 pages long and contains printed photographs of the entire silk making process. I wasn't able to get scans of the inside other than an end page, as I did not want to damage the cover. Images inside include:

-Laying Silkworm Eggs
- Infant Worms
- Picking Mulberry Leaves
- Feeding Silkworms
- A Full Grown Silkworm
- Clearing Tray
- Plucking Cocoons
- Cocoons
- Drying Cocoons
- Boiling Cocoons
- Reeling
- Re-reelings
- Skein Making
- Book Making
- Yokohama Silk Conditioning House
- Conditioning Test
- Visual Inspection
- Meter Skein Reels
- Cohesion Test
- Tenacity and Elongation Test
- Seriplane Reels

The booklet is in VERY GOOD condition, wear at the cover edges and spine, blunted corner tips, a few minor creases.

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