A World Of Music- 1800s Antique Booklet- For You and Me- Victorian Love Poem- Art Nouveau- Lithograph Art Card- Cherub Angel- Paper Ephemera


(3 1/2 x 6 1/2 In) This is an original antique lithograph booklet from the 1800s. The cover shows an art nouveau poppy motif, a heavily embossed cherub pasted at the center, "A World of Music". The inside contains a poem called, "A World of Music For You and For Me" and beautiful lithograph illustrations. 8-pages tied together with string.

Tender and true, Dear,--
I never forget you!
And now when above us
the skies are grown blue
With warmest affection the
heart where I set you,
Like flow'rs to the sunshine,
is turning to you.
The winter is over, the
sweet spring is waking.

The young buds are swelling
by woodland and lea;
The blackbirds, and thrushes
are singing and making
A world full of music
for you and for me.
Hey, for the springtide!
the year is before us,
A year full of beauty,
and sunshine and love.

If Cupid could but read and write,
He'd take his bow and arrows
(Learning thus their little might)
And go to shooting sparrows.
If Cupid could read letters
His little darts would rust;
He'd bow down to his betters,
As presently he must.
He'd find his arts of poor account,
His efforts small avail,
If he knew half of the amount
Of love that goes by mail.

Hey, for the springtide
when the blue skies are o'er us
And hope's kindly beacon
beams brightly above!
While to each other those
blithe birds are singing
Only of happiness.---
tender and true,
Hopes for your welfare
are soaring and springing.

O'er the dim distance
this morning to you!
May you be happy, may
storms n'er o'ertake you,
Love wrap you warmly from
all the world's cold---
Joy dwell beside you,
sweet Hope ne'er forsake you,
And Peace, aye around you
her gentle wings fold!"

The card is in EXCELLENT condition, names penciled on the back, small spots of paper loss on the back cover corners.

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