(6 1/2 x 5 In) This is an original vintage Charles B. Knox Gelatine Company Inc. booklet from 1952. "Knox Gelatine - Eat And Reduce Plan -Recipe Book", 39-Pages. "Here is the plan that is helping thousands of overweight people to gain a slimmer, more youthful, pleasing figure. If you are in normal health, following this plan of menus carefully will help you to grow slimmer without growing hungrier!" Contents Include:

  • Knox Protein Drink
  • Consider Calories, Balance with the Basic, 7 Basic Food Groups, Feast Not Famine For Family, So Easy To Do, To Mold and Unmold
  • Satisfying Soups, Foundations For Gel-Cookery Soups, No Fasting For Family
  • Beef (Quick) Bouillon, Tomato Plain Broth, Tomato Beef Bouillon, Tomato Chicken Bouillon, Jellied Madrilene, Mushroom Soup Jellied, Fruit Juice Soup Jellied
  • Slimming Salads and Main Course Molds, Foundations of Gel-Cookery Salads, A Family Feast, Non-Diet Recipes, Aspic Quick Basic, Aspic Tomato Savory, Aspic Quick Tomato Juice, Molded Tomato Cabbage Slaw, Salads Basic, Beet Salad Mold, Carrot Orange Jellied Salad, Cucumber Grapefruit Salad Mold, Perfection Salad, Sauerkraut Pimiento Salad Mold, Spinach Egg Salad, Vegetables Molded in Chicken Aspic, Unused Portions- Leftovers, Salmon Jellied Main Course Salad Mold, Chicken Mousse, Chicken Pineapple Mold, Chicken Vegetable Mold, Cheese Mousse, Cottage Cheese in Tomato Aspic, Crab Meat Souffle Mold, Dried Beef Cottage Cheese Mold, Liver and Bacon Loaf, Salmon in Tomato Aspic, Gel-Molding Pieces or Slices
  • Salad Accompaniments: Knox Butter Spread, Other Spreads, Mushrooms Jellied, Molded Tomato Ketchup Relish, Low-Calorie Cooked Salad Dressing, Savory Salad Dressing, Gel-Cookery Goodness
  • Yes Desserts Too!, Applesauce Whip, Apricot Sponge, Blanc Mange, Blanc Mange Whip, Cherry Sponge, Chocolate Whip Mold, Frozen Custard, Lemon Gelatine, Lemon Snow, Orange Cream, Orange Ice, Spanish Cream, Strawberry Fruit Mold, To Whip Evaporated Milk, Whipped Evaporated Milk Dessert Topping
  • What Is Normal Weight, Calorie Chart

The booklet is in VERY GOOD condition, wear at the edges, blunted corner tips.

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