Linda Darnell as Amber- 1940s Vintage Movie Show Magazine- February, 1947- Hollywood Memorabilia- Bette Davis- 40s Movies- Paper Ephemera


(8 1/2 x 11 1/4 In) This is an original Liberty Magazine, Inc. vintage February, 1947- Vol. 5, No. 6 issue of Movie Show magazine. The cover features a portrait of actress Linda Darnell as "Amber" dressed for a masquerade ball. The main articles mentioned on the cover are , "Jeanne Crain's Own Plans and Sketches For Her "Home For Three" and "Exclusives on- Bette Davis- James Stewart- June Allyson". The back shows an ad for Maybelline Mascara, "See the Difference Maybelline Makes!". 98 Pages long. It is thoroughly entertaining and fun to read from cover to cover, full of pin-ups, advertisements and sensational Hollywood news stories, movies reviews and more. The contents include:

- "The Late George Apley"- Starring Peggy Cummings, Ronald Colman
- "My Brother Who Talks To Horses"- starring Peter Lawford, Butch Jenkins, Bev Taylor
- "Nora Prentiss"- starring Ann Sheridan, Kent Smith, Bruce Bennett
- "The Best Years of Our Lives"- starring Frederic March, Myrna Loy, Dana Andrews, Virginia Mayo, Teresa Wright
- "Song Of Scheherazade"- starring Yvonne De Carlo, Jean Pierre Aumont, Eve Arden

- Ruth Warrick- "Go Get It Gal" . . . . By Jane Wharton
- Bette Davis- "Directing Davis" . . . . By Lynn Bowers
- James Stewart- "Wonderful Life For A Wife" . . . . By Jerry Asher
- June Allyson- "Life's So Exciting" . . . . By Constance Palmer
- Don Ameche- "Auntie Lets Her Hair Down" . . . . By Jim Carling
- Tom Drake- "Tom's Hits And Errors" . . . . By Alice L. Tildesley
- Jeanne Crain- "Home For Three" . . . . By Paul Marsh
- William Powell- "Papa Powell" . . . . By Maude Cheatham
- Vera Ellen- "Dancing Pointers" . . . . By Marsh Pawlson

- Horrors
- Espionage Experts
- Gam Girls
- A Joke, That Is
- Calendar Girl
- Bill and Rena
- Lady In The Lake
- Sweater Girl From England (Angela Lansbury)
- Private Life Of A Sigh Guy (Perry Como)
- Marketing We Go (Bob and Mary Cummings)
- Seeing Stars (Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor)
- Star Shenanigans At Ciro's (Press Photographers Ball)

- Gossip In The Lobby . . . . By Helen Hendricks
- Reviews- Notes In The Dark . . . . By Gloria Votsis
- Stars At Work
- Newsreel
- Hollywood Chatter . . . . By Lynn Bowers
- Fashions- Movie Show Window- (Ella Raines)
- Something For The Girls- (Bob Stack)
- Let's Be Glamorous . . . . By Ernest Bachrach (As told to Bee Bangs)
- New Romantic Teams
- Headed For Stardom (Viveca Lindfors)
- Cowboy Of The Month (Jon Hall)

- Bette Davis
- James Stewart
- Don Ameche
- Margaret O'Brien
- Jeanne Crain
- Linda Darnell, Cover Girl and star of 20th's "Forever Amber"

The magazine is in VERY GOOD condition, wear at the edges of cover and spine, a few minor creases, a few small tears at page edges.

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