Peary and the Discovery of the North Pole- 1920s Antique Booklet- John Hancock Life Insurance- History Booklet- Exlplorer- Paper Ephemera


(4 1/2 x 6 In) This is an original antique antique John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. booklet No. 116 from 1927. Entitled "PEARY and the Discovery of the North Pole", the title is framed by a fabulous Walrus, Polar Bear, Icicles motif and below that a map of the Northern hemisphere. 16 pages long with tiny illustrations on each page.

"The true explorer does his work not for any hopes of reward or honor, but because the thing he has set himself to do is a part of his being, and must be accomplished for the sake of the accomplishment." ~ Robert E. Peary

Subjects Included:
- Robert E. Peary
- Youth and Early Training
- The Lure of the North
- The Inspiration is Born
- Across Northern Greenland
- Peary's Use of the Eskimos and Dogs Was a Master Stroke
- The Losing Fight in Greenland
- No Provisions
- Failure on the Sea Ice West of Greenland
- The Peary Arctic Club
- Nearest the Pole
- The Last Trip North
- The Science of Sledging
- "The Pole at Last
- Fate Hurls the Hardest Blow
- Peary's Work for Aviation

The booklet is in EXCELLENT condition, light wear at the edges, one small crease near the spine.

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