Square Dancing For Beginners- 1950s Vintage Booklet- Glossary of Terms- Bob Osgood- Jack Hoheisal- Sets in Order- Paper Ephemera


(9 x 4 In) This is an original vintage Sets in Order vintage booklet, Seventh Printing from 1955. The green cover shows a Square dancing couple and the title, "SQUARE DANCING FOR BEGINNING with Glossary Of Terms". By Bob Osgood and Jack Hoheisal. The booklet is 24 pages long and contains a glossary and the calls for 27 different dances. "The ABCs of Square Dancing", a Sets in Order, National Square Dancing Magazine pamphlet is tucked inside, "Always Circle to the left- Girl on the Right", is written on the front. Contents of the booklet include calls for the following dances:

- Allemande Thar
- Do-Si-Ballanet
- Rip 'n Snort
- Wagon Wheel
- Birdie in the Cage and Seven Hands 'Round
- Boomps a Daisy
- Dive For The Oyster
- Roll The Barrel
- Divide the Ring
- Quarter Sashay
- Glory Hallelujah
- Hot Time
- Lady Go Half Way 'Round
- Lady 'Round Two and The Gent Fall Thru
- Lady Around Lady, Gent Around Gent
- Lady 'Round the Lady, Gent Solo
- Life on the Ocean Wave
- Oh Johnny
- Shoot That Pretty Gal Thru
- Sisters Form A RIng
- Star By The Right
- Swing at the Wall
- Take a Peek
- Texas Star
- Two Gents Swing
- You Swing Yours

The booklet is in VERY GOOD condition, slight discoloration at the edges.

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