Welcome Neighbor Cabin Still Recipes - Margueritte M. Wright - Stitzel-Weller Distillery Kentucky Bourbon - Booklet, c. 1969


(4 1/2 x 6 3/4 In) This is an original vintage Margueritte M. Wright, Stitzel-Weller Distillery booklet from 1969. "Welcome Neighbor Cabin Still Recipes" is 19-pages long. "There's no better way to make friends and influence people than by offering them the hospitality of your home. A welcome to new neighbors, a get-together of old friends, or the entertaining of business associates can be graciously accomplished either by a simple backyard cookout or party on the terrace. Whatever method you choose, warm friendliness, good attractively served food and carefully made drinks are essential ingredients of a successful party. Cabin Still is ideal for such friendly get-togethers. It is a premium quality Kentucky Bourbon you can be proud to serve. It comes from America's oldest family distillery, Stitzel-Weller, known for the quality of their genuine sour mash whiskey. Allthough Cabin Still has a rich, distinctive flavor, it is mild to the taste and best of all, it is easy on your purse. This makes it especially appropriate for entertaining. We hope this book gives you some refreshing ideas for your next party. Relax and have fun!", reads the introduction.  Contents include:

  • Welcome Neighbor Barbecue:- Red Rocks Cocktails, Cabin Collins, Danny's Cheese Appetizers, Anchovy Dip, Sweet-Sour Franks, Herbed Rye Loaf, Bourbon Barbecue, Baked Potato Caviar, Marinated Lima Salad, Lime Snow with Custard Sauce, Sparkling Iced Tea 
  • Fondue Party:- Cabin Planter's Punch, Cabin Alexander, Cheese Fondue, Cubed French Bread, Vichyssoise, Fondue Bourguignonne, Assorted Sauces, Shrimp and Artichokes, Orange and Onion Salad, Ice Cream, Cookies, Coffee
  • Terrace Cookout:- Cabin Old Fashioned, Sportman's Choice, Oysterburgers, Tomato Surprise, Polynesian Ginger Ribs, Pineapple Sweet Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Company Cabbage Salad, Chocolate Cheesecake, Coffee
  • Patio Party:- Cabin Whiskey Sour, Cabin on the Rocks, Celery Stuffed with Red Caviar, Iced Tomato-Clam Bisque, Salted Wafers, Ann's Chicken Supreme, Festive Carrot Ring, Broiled Peaches with Bourbon, Coffee
  • Spirit of the Party:- Evening Mist, Patio Punch, Back Yard Special (Highball), Grill Glower

The booklet is in VERY GOOD condition, light wear at the edges. 

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