Did I Do It - Springfield City Hall After the Fire Started by Monkey - G. W. Campbell - Springfield, MA - Postcard, c. 1905


 (3 1/2 x 5 1/2 In) This is an original antique G. W. Campbell postcard from the 1900s. It shows a view of, “SPRINGFIELD CITY HALL AFTER THE FIRE of January 6, 1905- “Did I do it?”, Springfield, Massachusetts. 

“An exhibition was being held in the large hall. At the noon hour this hall was nearly deserted. A kerosene lamp was burning and a monkey got loose. Whether the monkey overturned the lamp and caused the fire is not certainly known. The fire was the occasion of a fine example of devotion to duty by two assistants in the office of the city clerk. Their names were Edith M. Ware and Bertha B. Fuller. They had both been pupils in Springfield schools. For the protection of the priceless records of the city, there was a great fire-proof vault. It was necessary to take out the records during the day for use, but at its close they were replaced in the vault. At the beginning of the fire the city clerk was absent. When the knowledge of the fire reached his office it had made much headway and danger was near. The first impulse, of course, would be to flee, and, indeed, everyone was fleeing from the building; but there were the heavy books of priceless records lying about. The two clerks gathered them all up, placed them all in the vault, and then shut and locked the ponderous door. This took time and courage. Meanwhile the fire was upon them and they were but just able to escape; in fact, Miss Fuller, arriving at the door of the building, was so overcome by smoke that she had to be rescued by others.” - from  "The History of Springfield in Massachusetts for the Young," by Charles H. Barrows

"Mr. B and Mr. McK met me at statin and took subway to ferry then to Jersey. When you write this wk. but don't send them 102 Merser St., J. City. Write tomorrow", reads the message penciled on the front. 

The postcard is used and is in GOOD condition, wear at the edges, blunted corner tips, general stains and creases. 

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