(5 1/2 x 8 1/2 In) This is an original vintage S & W Publications booklet printed by Metcalfe-Beall Ptg. Co. in the 1950s. "AFTERMATH" A Pictorial Record of the Destruction Caused by the Flood of 1951 in Kansas City", Missouri. Photography by Chas. O. Siebenthaler and T. Taylor Warren. The booklet is 32-pages long, printed photographs on every page.

"We bring you "Aftermath" a pictorial record of the terrible destruction wrought by the flood in the Kansas Cities in July, 1951. Here, a month after the rampaging waters of the Kaw smashed their way through the lowlands, are scenes of the havoc visited upon certain sections of business and residential areas of the two great cities. The waters have gone, but the terrible damage done will remain for months to come. Homeowners and businessmen are working day and night to clear the debris, rebuild and bring their homes and businesses out of the muck and the mire. It would take volumes of pictures to present actual scenes of the damage done. We have tried in this presentation to give you a cross-section of the chaos that remained when the waters receeded.  Dotted line on photos indicate the high water mark at that particular spot."

Images include:

  • West Across Lower Central Industrial District 
  • N.W. Across 8th Street Car Bridge
  • Intercity Viaduct
  • Crowds Watch Barges Hit Hannibal Bridge
  • Southwest Boulevard at 29th Street
  • Socony-Vacuum Tank Farm
  • Schutte Lumber Co. - Southwest Boulevard Area
  • Wreckage Following Fire - Southwest Boulevard 
  • Furniture Store on Southwest Boulevard
  • Remains of a Large Drugstore
  • Finis for Last Chance
  • This Was A Machine Shop
  • Note High Water Marks on Billboards
  • Demolishing Condemned Buildings, Southwest Boulevard Area
  • Fuel Oil Co. Tank Farm-- Roofing Co. Debris in foreground
  • Where Fire Started in Argentine
  • No Show Tonite
  • Warehouse and Office on Strong Ave.
  • Oil Storage Tank battered against 12th Street Bridge
  • Argentine Merchants Clean Up 
  • Original Foundation to Left of House
  • Kansas City Spirit - Cleaned Up and Ready For Business
  • Partially Constructed Factory Building, Wrecked By Waters
  • 12th Street Area-- Armourdale
  • On Osage Avenue
  • Argentine Boulevard Home
  • Walls Washed Away
  • Note Section of Fence on Roof
  • Under Construction, Brickwork Washed Away
  • Demolished Home in Armourdale
  • Lawn Chair on Chimney
  • A Home No More
  • Interior Showing Water and Mud Damage
  • To A Resting Place on Argentine Boulevard
  • St. Thomas Church
  • Armourdale Baptist Church
  • Buried
  • Many Motor Vehicles Were Damaged
  • Planes at Fairfax Airport
  • Railyards at Fairfax Washed Out
  • De-Railed and Half Buried in Sand
  • Fairfax Railyards
  • Note Watermark Near End of Car
  • Wash-Out
  • Woodswether District Building
  • High and Dry
  • Cleanup on James Street
  • Box Cars in Central Industrial District 

The booklet is in EXCELLENT condition, light wear at the edges, blunted corner tips, a few minor stains. 

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