Flowers Will Grow Like This For You In California - Postcard, c. 1910s


(5 1/2 x 3 1/2 In) This is an original antique Edward H. Mitchell postcard from the 1910s. It shows a bountiful blooming flower garden, "Flowers will grow like this for you in California - on the Road of a Thousand Wonders, Southern Pacific, California. 

"Dear Sister, Feb 17th, 1911- Been down the coast southeast to Newport Beach about 24 miles from here passing thru Long Beach. Ocean View and Huntington Beach. Long Beach is a real nice city. Been also to Los Angeles via Gardena, lots of strawberries are grown around Gardena - passed thru days blow from the northwest making it quite chilly, although it did not freeze. I went out to Point Fermin on purpose to have a look at the waves. say it was a wild sight, the waves were breaking in against the rock with a continuous war, throwing spray 12 or 15 ft high. lots of snow to be seen on the mountains now. Don't think I will pull out of here on the 20th, will go one week later or when it gets warmer. Henry."