(5 1/2 x 3 1/2 In) This is a SET of FOUR original vintage Sanborn Souvenir Co. postcards from the 1940s. "The Painted Cliffs", "The Castle", "The Needles" and "Fantastic Walls and Pinnacles" in Hell's Half Acre, Wyoming. 

"Hell's Half Acre, 44 miles west of Casper on Highway U.S. 24 is a tract peculiar in its natural and picturesque scenery resembling a giant bowl or depression in the earth covering about 1,320 acres. In its great depth, the coloring of its walls and pinnacles, the beautiful weather carving of the surface shales and tales enhanced by contrasting colors of the strata the acres have much resemblance to the Grand Canon of the Yellowstone."

"HELL'S HALD ACRE - is located near Powder River, Wyo. It has the appearance of being a burned out coal bed. Scientists have endeavored to prove it to be a burned out Volcano, in either case the heat was so intense as to melt the surrounding walls causing the molten lava to form a beautiful opening with picturesque side walls and pinnacles with a height of from 5 to 150 feet."

"Hell's Half Acre is one of the greatest sights of Wyoming, located on Highway U.S. 20, 44 miles west of Casper. It appears as a great depression in the prairie, several hundred acres in extent. It is a mass of fantastic formations vividly colored in thousands of striking effects."

"Hell's Half Acre is one of the famous features of Wyoming. Nothing more impressive of fantastic can be imagined. This great bowl of 1,320 or more acres has walls with such examples of weird erosion as to call to mind all the descriptions of infernos ever read. Countless grotesque figures and formations are seen and all are done in colors such as only nature can contrive."

The postcards are all unused and are in VERY GOOD condition, wear at the edges, blunted corner tips, stain on the back of one card.

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