Knox Gelatine, Desserts Salads Candies and Frozen Dishes - Charles B. Knox Gelatine Co. Inc. - Booklet, c. 1936


(4 1/4 x 6 3/8 In) This is an original vintage Charles B. Knox Gelatine Co., Inc. booklet from 1936. "Knox Gelatine - Desserts Salads Candies and Frozen Dishes" is 55-pages long. It advertises Knox Sparkling Gelatine and contains lots of recipes and color illustrations. Contents include:

  • Description of Our Two Packages
  • Quantity of Liquid Jellied by Each Package
  • Directions for Using Knox Sparkling Gelatine
  • Molding and Unmolding Jellies
  • Gelatine Hints
  • Appetizers
  • Soups and Aspics
  • Meat and Fish Loaves
  • Plain and Fancy Salads
  • Salad Dressings
  • Plain and Fancy Desserts
  • Ice Box Cakes
  • Cake Frostings, Fillings - Sauces
  • Gelatine Pies
  • Frozen Dishes
  • Sunday Night Suppers - Bridge Parties
  • Candies
  • Children's Parties
  • Condensed and Evaporated Milk Desserts
  • Dishes for Convalescents 

The booklet is in VERY GOOD condition, wear at the edges, stain at bottom right corner of cover. 

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