(5 1/2 x 3 1/2 In) This is an original vintage advertisement postcard from the 1930s. It shows a view of The Museum of Science & Industry, founded by Julius Rosenwald in Chicago, Illinois. 

"A PRESENTATION of scientific and engineering achievements where visitors can push buttons and pull levers to their hearts' content and see and hear the answer to the eternal question of the machine age, "How and why does it work?". It is a museum of the new age - an age in which things move.

An Institution to Reveal the Technical Ascent of Man - The Museum of Science and Industry is situated on Lake Michigan at 57th street. Its collections will trace the technical progress of man from primative times to the present day. Eleven miles of exhibits will tell in three dimensional form the story of man's use of tools and machines from the stone hatchet to the complicated machines of today.

The vast interior of this building, designed to accommodate the planned exhibits, will not be complete until 1935. However, a large area unfinished as to tile and plaster but impressive as to sturdiness and space, has been prepared to welcome the visitor during 1933 and to present the initial exhibits where entertainment, education and inspiration provide a new avenue of recreation and study.

The section now open to the public contains enough exhibits to give the visitor a cross-sectioned view of what the finished museum will be like. Chief among these exhibits is a full-sized operating bituminous coal mine of three thousand tons a day capacity. In addition to the coal mine with its underground workings and huge operating machines, there are many other exhibits, relating to the geology, production, economics and utilization of coal.

At the conclusion of A Century of Progress many of the important World's Fair exhibits will be placed in the museum and at that time the other sequences will be opened. These will consist of exhibits on the Fundamental Sciences of Physics and Chemistry and on Geology, Mining, Agriculture, Forestry, Power, Transportation, Architecture, Forestry, Power, City Development and Printing and Graphic Arts.", reads the description printed on the back. 

The card is in VERY GOOD condition, wear at the edges, blunted corner tips.

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