(3 7/8 x 5 1/8 In) This is an original antique American Colortype Co. booklet from the 1910s. "Young America" is an 8-page story of three typical young boys of turn of the century America. It is illustrated with four beautiful lithographs titled, "The Army and Navy Forever", "They Were Racing Faster and Faster", "A Young Angler" and "Happy Days".

Jack and his two friends were marching along gaily, keeping step with the tune of their songs. They were singing all the patriotic airs they had learnt at school. "O, yes," said Jack, "when I'm a man, I'm going to join the navy, and some day, perhaps, I'll be an admiral and command a big fleet of battleships." The other two boys broke in, shouting, "The Army and Navy forever! Three cheers for the Red, White and Blue!" "Won't it be exciting, boys," continued Jack, not minding the interruption, "to sail to the enemy's shores and hear the guns roar and see the shells burst on all sides and--"
"Out of the way! Quick! Jump or you'll be run over!" came a wild cry not far off. The boys had a narrow escape indeed from being knocked down and hurt. Turning a sharp corner and tearing down the road at lightning speed were Will and Frank Brown in a small wooden automobile they had built, with the help of their father. They were having a fine time until something happened to the steering wheel and the brake didn't seem to work. They were racing along faster and faster every minute, unable to manage their little machine. It seemed to act just like a horse does when it shies at something.
The boys had plenty of nerve, but by this time they were beginning to grow restless and uneasy, not knowing where the end of their wild ride would lead them. The strain was showing in the quick, jerky way they were breathing. At last they came to a sudden stop; it was right in front of a house that was being put up and the workmen were busy going in and out of the building. The automobile and the riders landed into a big pile of sand and mortar!
My, what a spattering and spluttering! Will and Frank were streaked from head to foot. It is very hard to picture what they really looked like; you could not tell the color of their hair or faces, and as for their clothes, well, they could never be worn again! Up to that very morning, they were sure they wanted to be chauffeurs when they were old enough, but when they got home and their mother reminded them of what they had said, they quickly answered, "We've changed our minds!"
For a whole week after the collision with the sand-pile and mortar, they wouldn't go out in the little machine again, but were perfectly content to spend their time fishing with the other boys. One afternoon, while Will and Frank were gathered with their friends at the shore of the stream that was almost big enough to be called a river, they played a trick on Jack. Everyone knew that Jack's only thought was to be a sailor, and yet he couldn't swim a stroke. (Of course, he was to learn when he went to camp the following summer.)
While a few of the boys were busy baiting their hooks and throwing out their lines, Will asked his brother and Jack to go out rowing. They were gliding along calmly for a time and just as they were heading for the shore, they dropped the oars, the boat turned over and splash! Jack got a good ducking! What a shout of laughter cane from the shore! But plucky Jack, though he really didn't enjoy the plunge, laughed along with the rest in a good-natured way. When they boys saw his good spirit, they all gave him a hearty yell-- "Three cheers for the jolly sailor lad! May he be admiral of the navy some day!"

The booklet is in EXCELLENT condition, light wear at the edges and spine, a few creases on back page.

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